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Beige x Natural (SMALL/LARGE)


🛈Only dark gray seats will be shipped after the end of June.

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PUFFBO is a comfortable stool that uses air cushions.
You can choose the combination of size/seat/legs.

SMALL: Width 48cm x Depth 48cm x Height 49cm

LARGE: width 56 cm x depth 56 cm x height 51 cm

SMALL: 3.5kg

LARGE: 4.7kg

Knit material (100% polyester)

Solid ash (urethane coating)

Note, The leg is made of natural wood.
Therefore, each of them has own natural characteristics in terms of color,
grain and texture.

Finished product shipment

Free shipping (excluding Okinawa and remote islands)

1 year warranty

Beige x Natural (SMALL/LARGE)

$367.00 USD

Living and working in my colors

A stool for enjoying your life and work with harmony of “mind” and “body”.

High-quality materials and simple form fit naturally in any interior.

New experience of sitting

What is PUFFBO?

A stool with a new experience of sitting according to the unique air cushion seat. The swaying of the seat stretches your spine naturally and stimulates your core.

The seat cover is made of 3D knit and has a exquisite mesh, making it easy to sit on.

The legs with beautiful grain patterns of natural wood texture blend well with any interior.

How to choose your right size

PUFFBO is available in two types, S (SMALL) and L (LARGE).

Both can be used regardless of the size of the body, so please choose according to your lifestyle.

S has a seat diameter of about 48 cm.

The movement of the seat surface is large, so you can relax your body naturally, and can expect more effects on your core.

Recommended for those who work on a computer in the same posture for a long time.

L is a seat diameter of about 56 cm.

The wider seat makes it more comfortable to sit on.

Recommended for when you want to relax, such as in the living room and dining room.

The size of the seat varies depending on how the air is filled.
You can inflate it to your preference for size and hardness.
Note, please refrain from using it in a state smaller than this as the quality is confirmed with the dimensions listed.

Selectable color

You can freely combine them according to the scenery of the room.

Selectable color

You can freely combine them according to the scenery of the room.




Made of 100% polyester knit material. It has a smooth texture and can be used regardless of the season.

The herringbone pattern allows you to enjoy different images depending on the color you choose.

Ice gray

Refreshing cool gray that brightens up the room

Dark gray

Chic and sophisticated monotone color


Basic color with a sense of luxury


Warm nuanced colors that are easy to match with any space


Accent color to decorate the room

*The color may look different from the photo.

The natural texture of the wood grain makes it suitable for any room. Please enjoy the combination with the seat surface.


Dark brown

Deep green

Light gray

*Because natural wood is used, the texture of the grain and the texture of the surface may differ. Colors may look different from photos.




Beige mesh

No assembly required

This product will be delivered as a finished product.

No assembly is required after arrival.


1 air pump / 1 spare plug /

1 bottle opener / 3 felts

* Felt is for preventing scratches on the floor.

Please stick it on the back of each leg before use.

air hole

This product uses an air cushion.

If you feel that the air has escaped after purchase, please add air from the air hole under the tag.







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